Curated Guides


Take the stress out of your next trip by letting My Chers do most of the heavy lifting for you. Enjoy a customized planning experience that is specifically tailored to your individual preferences. While itineraries can be rigid and lack any spur of the moment fun, My Chers' curated guides will simply provide you with the best options for your getaway.

These guides come in the form of a detailed spreadsheet displaying personalized research including but not limited to lodging options, logistical approaches, restaurant choices, entertainment ideas, and daily suggestions based on your availability. Each guide will also include such necessary information as locations, operating hours, availability, pertinent website links, and helpful notes.

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How it works:

  • There is no charge for the review of your Curated Guide Request or the initial phone consultation.
  • Should you decide to move forward, we will quote a flat-fee price to develop your Curated Guide.
  • After we receive your payment, My Chers will begin to research and develop an in-depth aide of the location of your choosing.
  • A time frame for delivery of your guide will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation.
  • A free post-product delivery phone consultation is included in the flat-fee price.
  • Fees for all following phone and e-mail consultations are based on our standard hourly rate ($40.00 per hour) and have to be pre-paid in half-hour increments ($20.00). All unused time fees will be promptly returned.
  • My Chers' Curated Guides are not a substitution for a travel agent. Unless previously arranged, guides do not include reservations, bookings, confirmations, tickets, etc.

My Chers' curated guides start at $100.00

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